About Us

The Club is dedicated to providing its members and guests the highest quality facility. We offer programs that are motivating, effective and relevant to member goals. We provide atmosphere that is energetic, respectful and clean. We challenge our staff to research, study and educate members.

What is The Club all about?
The Club is about like mindedness.  This does not mean everybody has the same goals and abilities.  Members should be like minded in the desire to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports their individual expectations.  At a minimum, each member will be encouraged to complete a member profile assessment and schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation to help them establish a plan that aligns with their fitness goals. 

The Club is based on the following four principles of fitness success:

1.  Find and define what motivates or inspires you to want to be more fit.  This purpose cannot come from anybody else but you.
2. Commit to that purpose and the passion it takes to achieve that goal.  Exercise and nutrition will fail without the commitment.
3. Train with your commitment and goal in mind.  This will keep you from distraction and jumping on the latest fitness trends...and there are plenty of them.
4. Sustainability is necessary.  Committing and training to your purpose should be a flexible plan that is sustainable over a lifetime.  Certainly our purpose for fitness may change over time, which would change how we train.  However, the goal of being fit is  a lifetime investment.


On July 5, 2017, Club 47 Health and Fitness changed its location and moved to a new location in Yorkville. We adopted the new name, "The Club Strength and Fitness Center." We are still under the same 21 year ownership and management and operate under the same business morals and mission

Is The Club just Club 47 Health and Fitness with a different location?
Yes - Existing Club 47 members will see some of the familiar faces they've grown accustomed to.  There will still be group barbell classes (Group Power® style, now known as RIP®), HVIT (High Volume Interval like Tabata®) classes, cardio based classes (HIIT Cardio, Spin), cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc.), dumbbells, and free weights.
No – The facility is a studio based layout rather than a recreational based layout.  The focus is to get or remain as strong as possible because without strength, your balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular function is limited.  Each individual studio is smaller allowing for greater individual instruction within a group setting.  The separate spin studio will be used for spinning classes and small group instruction only.  The wellness studio features dimmable lighting controls to better facilitate mobility, yoga style, and pilates style classes.  The group fitness studio will support barbell classes, Tabata® style classes, and multi-discipline classes.  In addition to the stretch cage, foam rollers, and mats, the stretch studio features 2 infrared saunas (requires fee for use).  There are no locker rooms.  However, there are 3 individual shower rooms with locker storage along the hallway walls.